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Mission Statement:

Bringing to humanity the God-given natural healing of Radiation Hormesis, from concept to reality through research, education and the application of its principles of cellular empowerment in concert with other natural healing ways.
Our Creed:

We believe God has provided in nature everything necessary for a healthy and vibrant life;

That natural healing is a lifelong process which is enhanced by our understanding of its life sustaining gifts;

Chief among them is natural background radiation and the concept of Radiation Hormesis, the benefits of which have been thoroughly researched for over one hundred years by scientists from many countries.

Nighthawk Minerals, LLC is devoted to the application of Radiation Hormesis for the betterment of human health and a greater understanding of its use in the alleviation of human suffering, “because people are dying” needlessly.

At Night Hawk Minerals,
We are dedicated to your wellness. One of our wellness Instructors will listen to your questions and concerns and help you with your order. They will educate you about the stones that suite your specific needs. Their recommendations will assure that you receive exactly what you need and nothing more or less. Our Wellness instructors will personally answer any questions and instruct you on the best uses of these stones before and after your purchase.

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