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Book - The Hormesis Effect

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Excerpt from The Hormesis Effect

In spite of many attempts, no government can regulate, or eliminate, exposure to radiation from natural sources. To do so, with some fantastic, bizarre SuperHero invention, we would have to block out both the sun and our atmospheres cosmic rays from reaching earth. We would have to suspend our bodies above earth in order to escape from all the radioactive dirt, stones, bricks, food and grasses that, ubiquitously, cover the surface of the earth. But we couldnt go out too far in our bodily levitation, because then we would be entering into the atmosphere which is filled with radioactive cosmic rays. If we decided to pragmatically prolong our stay here on good old mother earth, we would have to declare entire states off-limits -- especially Colorado -- and we would have to re-locate the entire city of Denver because both city and state register as particularly high in naturally occurring background-radiation (even though the cancer rate in Colorado is low). We could all move to the low background-radiation states, in the southeast and eastern gulf coastal regions, but, according to epidemiological data, doing so would significantly increase our chances of contracting cancer. We would have to destroy a great many of our buildings that are made from bricks, plaster and concrete that hold isotopes of uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium. The U.S. Capitol building and Grand Central Station would have to be vacated immediately because they emit among the highest levels of radiation of any man-made structures -- more, in fact, than is legal for any nuclear power plant to emit. We would have to remove all smoke detectors and television receivers from houses. Perhaps we would be best served by canceling our trips to foreign countries where radiation is inherently high. Most notable are areas in China, India, Brazil and Iran. We would need to especially avoid the fabulous black sand beaches in those countries, because the black sand is actually monazite in which the principle radioisotopes are from the decay of thorium 232 and radium 226.

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